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How Your Foundation Can Help Your Club Get More Donations for Your Club Projects

Since every Lion in Kansas MD17 is a member of the Kansas Lions Foundation your club has a very important tool you can use to solicit more donations from area businesses and individuals for your club projects.

The Kansas Lions Foundation is a 501(c)3 Foundation and can set up a Club Project Account for your Lions Club. When you receive monetary donations for a club project from a company or individual they may be want to use the donation as a charitable tax deduction. Many individuals and companies require a 501(c)3 designation for your club to get a donation. We can provide this by having the check made out to the Kansas Lions Foundation. Note - Most Lions Clubs are not a 501(c)3 and cannot give this information to potential donors for donations.

The Kansas Lions Foundation can help. By setting up Club Project Account for a one-time service fee of $5.00 your Lions Club can have your donations sent to the Kansas Lions Foundation. When you set up the account you designate how your donation should be handled.

Note - A Club Account must be set up with the foundation before the donation is accepted and all checks must be made out to the Kansas Lions Foundation.

We encourage your club to consider using our services to increase your donations for your local Lions Club project. Please look on the back side of this form for an application for of a Club Project Account for your Lions Club.

Designated Account Request Form

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